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Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

Wildflower Seeds Gloucestershire | Herefordshire, UK

2023 Harvest of MG5 and MG4 Seed available now for £85/kg and £95/kg respectively

Ecohab Wildflowers offer local provenance wild harvested seed mixes from species-rich grasslands. Local species-rich meadows are selected are brush harvested several times over the season to capture maximum species diversity.  We offer the following mixes:
Wildflower Seeds Gloucestershire
  • Floodplain meadow grassland (MG4 Alopercurus pratensis- Sanguisorba officinalis). Indicative species include great burnet, meadow foxtail, meadowsweet, meadow vetchling and cowslip.
Wildflower Seeds Herefordshire
  • Traditional hay meadow grassland (MG5 Cynosurus cristatus- Centaurea nigra grassland). Indicative species include black knapweed, crested dog’s-tail, common bird’s-foot trefoil, common sorrel and yellow rattle.