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Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

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Botanical Surveys Gloucestershire | Herefordshire

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Gloucestershire & Herefordshire

Ecohab offer a wide range of services including ecological consultancy,  habitat restoration and wildflower planting advice.  Liz has over fifteen years experience as a professional ecologist and wildflower specialist and is a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). We offer a unique combination of ecological and horticultural expertise with hands on project experience.

Ecohab Wildflowers provides the following services:

  • Local provenance seed collection.
  • Grow to order of rare and uncommon species.
  • Site visits for wildflower projects.
  • Soil testing and analysis.
  • Biodiverse green roof planting.
  • Lake, pond and wetland planting design.
  • Planting advice and aftercare for wildflower projects.
  • Licence to work with protected Schedule 8 plants.

We also provide consultancy on the following:

  • Preliminary Ecological Assessments (PEA).
  • National Vegetation Community (NVC) and UKHab surveys.
  • Landscape and Ecology Management Plans (LEMPs).
  • Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) Reports.
  • Botanical and Habitat Classification Training.
  • Botanical monitoring (rapid assessments).
  • Ecological Land Management advice.
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