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Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

Gloucestershire Wildflower Nursery

Plant Sizes & Ordering

Ecohab Wildflowers is a wholesale nursery offering plug plants and seed.  We prefer to speak directly to our clients to determine the best plants for your project.

Please get in contact by email or telephone to request a current plant availability list and discuss your project requirements.

Plants are delivered in long-life trays (£6 deposit per tray) by local delivery or collection.  Nursery visits are welcome and encouraged by appointment only.

Jumbo Wildflower Plugs Gloucestershire
Jumbo Wildflower Plugs

Jumbo Plugs – 126 Tray

  • Tray size is 600 x 400 x 50mm
  • Plug size is 42mm x 42mm x 50mm
  • Plug volume is 55cc (cm3)

This plug size is good for most wildflower species and applications.  They are recommended where there is competition from existing vegetation and can be planted at any time of year as long as irrigation is provided during prolonged dry periods. 

Micro Wildflower Plugs
Micro Wildflower Plug

Micro Plugs – 240 Tray

  • Tray size is 600 x 400 x 50mm
  • Plug size is 32 x 32 x 50 mm
  • Plug volume is 30cc (cm3)

This plug size and the 345 tray below are suitable for larger planting areas or projects with smaller budgets.  Due to their smaller size they will benefit from control of existing coarse grasses and establish better when planted in early spring.

Wildflower Trays
Wild Flower Plugs

Micro Plugs – 345 Tray

 Tray size is 600 x 400 x 43mm

  • Plug size is 25x25mm x 43mm deep
  • Plug volume is 17cc (cm3)
Wildflower Root Trainer

Root Trainer – 77 tray

350 x 215 x 87mm

  • Plug size is 30 x 30 x 60mm
  • Plug volume is 60cc (cm3)

For long rooted plants such as sedges, grasses, trees and shrubs.  Root trainers are particularly good in wetland environments where deep established roots are important for anchoring plants and protecting against soil erosion.